professional development

“Not only is Louise a talented, experienced and skilled choreographer, performer and teacher, but she is also committed to being a mentor, coach and support for other dancers. …through running her own dance company with entrepreneurial style, she has become an important and significant role model for the dancers of tomorrow”

June Gamble, Life and Business Coach

Professional Development is the secret heart of all FOOT IN HAND does. We offer one-to-one sessions and ongoing development programmes. Less experienced artists involved in our productions go on to thriving independent or performance careers uniquely confident in their education work. More experienced artists actively pass on the self-management and networking skills necessary for survival in the arts. Everywhere we promote the dance and the arts that support it as valid professions, to be respected and valued in society.


One-off or one day courses for school teachers, professional dancers, dance/music collaborators and in dance by, for and with disabled people.

New ideas developed in collaboration with dance organisations (e.g. Funding Bootcamp) developed with The Place to inform and support artists making their first funding applications.

Contributing to careers advice events run by arts organisations e.g. Northants Dance Graduate Training Programme, the SHIFT professional development programme by Dance 4.

Foot in Hand Initiatives – generated by Foot in Hand and developed in collaboration with other organisations e.g. The Green Coffee Group for the development of disability dance supported by East London Dance, Coventry University (Performing Arts) and DanceXchange Birmingham. For further information click here.


Within formal schemes (e.g. Talkback!) The Place’s feedback scheme for Resolution! Artists or Practical Partnerships mentoring scheme at Arts Training Central; in response to personal requests from artists and companies in receipt of funding e.g. Chrissie Adesina, ADAD Trailblazer Fellowship 2007; 4toMotion Dance Company, Northamptonshire funded by Arts Council England.In 2008.

Louise completed her training to be a Life Coach with Rivca Rubin.


“I first worked with Louise Katerega as part of “Feetbeat” an education project she was mentoring for dancers and musicians from Birmingham Royal Ballet. I found working with Louise to be a revelation. Following the project, she continued with advice, guidance and moral support giving me encouragement to pursue my creative interests and make the transition from classical to contemporary dance. I am now at Rambert Dance Company where I have choreographed several works and was recently nominated for a Critics Circle Award. Without meeting Louise I am not sure I would be where I am today” Alexander Whitley, Rambert Dance Company

"Louise Katerega was one of my mentors for 'Litany', a piece I performed in Resolution! 2006. Louise's generosity with her time, together with her willingness and ability to enter into the spirit of my dance form (bharata natyam) – one very different from her own – meant a huge amount to me. Her warmth and support gave me a great confidence boost, and the discussions we had about the piece meant that it developed into something far richer than the original." Magdalene Gorringe, Independent Indian Classical Dancer

"Louise Katerega has mentored me for the last 2 years and under her guidance and support I have had the opportunity to build my aspirations of being a choreographer into reality. Louise was also a major help in my being awarded the ADAD Trailblazer fellowship bursary in 2006-2007. Without her outstanding reference I do not believe I would have been awarded the bursary. Without Louise I would not have had as many choreographic opportunities and experiences as I have had. She has helped me to find my voice as communicator and maker of dance." Chrissie Adesina, Independent Performer/Choregrapher

"I trained as a dancer, graduating in 1998, unfortunately in Jan ’99, I suffered 2 Strokes. On trying to return to dance for therapeutic purposes only I was given Louise’s contact details as, being a person who works with dance for people with disabilities, she could give me some pointers. It was Louise’s belief in me and my abilities that meant from our initial contact, she went on to support and mentor me back into attending dance classes as a participant, and eventually giving me enough confidence to work up to leading dance classes again. Without the skill, help, support and encouragement of Louise, I would certainly not be where I am today as a project coordinator leading arts projects with adults with severe and profound learning difficulties." Schani Cave, Disabled Community Dance Leader

"She is both warm and professional and has a mental tool kit for all learners needs and abilities the size of Australia!! Being in the starting years of my career can also be scary and over whelming; Louise has always treated me like an equal and never patronised me with her years of knowledge. Instead she offers her wisdom where and when necessary; with warmth and understanding. It's as though she puts herself in the shoes of the person she is talking to or teaching." Chantal Bardouille, Recent Graduate, LABAN CENTRE